Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coping up with the Best Trend in Healthcare Today

With the extreme struggle in the industry of healthcare today, providers utilize and formulate latest ways to compete through quality health care.  With inadequacy of traditional techniques in most health cares, technology and innovations are introduced to hasten mankind’s health and well being.  Along with the common trends include:

1.       Social Media and Networks
Social media and networks became popular that it serves as a port of delivering quality services from the basics to more complicated ones.  There comes collaboration with patients having the same medical conditions, other patients, and medical allies.  This connection improves knowledge and techniques in dealing with their conditions and improving it lifestyles as well.

2.       Apps in Healthcare
There exist medical apps that connect patients with their doctors or any doctors they choose.  The apps also include doctors’ profile and medical information. There are apps used in the medical field that aids in monitoring vitals and these are of the highest resolution imaging.  Some are accessible and easy to use.  These are most accurate and are accessible anywhere whether small gadgets or big ones.

3.       Sensors in Medical
Medical sensors are now being implemented so that medical data can be collected in real time with created algorithms and diagrams with engaging interface.  These are now one of the trends in the hospital settings.

The Modern Technology Trend

                The composition of the healthcare community is of great variety of professionals indirectly or directly gives medical services and this includes doctors, nurses, clinicians, administrators, marketers, pharmaceutics, managers, lab assistants, and more.  It is a big chain where right people are grouped together for a purpose of bringing healthcare to its utmost excellence.  And, with the challenging barriers, technology is set to ease all these from data and profiling to medical laboratories and other medical gadgets.  Some of these are prescribed by medical professionals as home use by patients.  Today, managing patients can be set at home too.  Patients are given the chance to monitor their own vitals and other needed treatment.  So, with these technologies and medical allies, there will be healthier community and happier longevity.  Traditional techniques are now modernized for better efficacy.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Importance a Private Health Care

A private health care is health coverage of many types like hospital cover, ambulance cover, and general treatment cover.   In hospital cover, you can choose between a public hospital and private hospital.  In a private hospital, you have the privilege to choose your preferred doctor and the hospital you wanted to be treated.  In a public hospital, even if you are a private person the public waiting lists apply.  If you have the appropriate health insurance policy, coverage will be from 75% to 100%.  Just imagine being sparred with hospital bills.  Having a medical insurance will help you deal with difficult situations while being sick. You will not be financially drained and you wouldn’t feel hopeless and helpless. Additional payment and charges will depend on the extent of private cover.  You will also be charged with some of hospital costs like accommodation, intensive care, theater fees, drugs, and some other consumables or additional doctor’s fees.

In buying health insurance, do not be shocked with non-inclusive bills like:

·         Services that are not covered
·         Benefit limitation periods
·         Exclusive surgery or hospital treatment
·         Long staying patients (there is limit to hospital stay)
·         Rooms (shared or single)

In general treatment cover or ancillary cover, coverage is dependent on the opted policy.  The services may include like:

·         Prostheses like hearing aids
·         Dental services
·         Home care nursing
·         Chiropractic treatment
·         Physical therapy
·         Podiatry
·         Occupational therapy
·         Speech therapy
·         Eye services like glasses and contact lenses

Exclusive Coverage

Coverage in the general treatment is of limited extent.  This may mean a limit per service or per year.  Sometimes it can be of lifetime limits. There are some services that are not covered.

The Need

The need for a medical coverage is important to unload worries at the time of hospitalization or illness.  With the high cost of medical treatment, saving for a protection will ease the way for recuperation.  And with accidents, injuries, and illnesses that are bound to happen, a medical care will be a lot helpful.  Today, most people save for premiums for a wide coverage policies. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Insuring Health is insuring a beautiful life

Love yourself.  This is a common notion that most people uphold.  Sickness can happen anytime.  Even the healthiest person can meet an accident and die early.  What happens to their love ones?  Whoever plans to get hurt or sick can be at least lucky when holder of a health care plan.  Well, now a days, you can come across any national health care and enjoy its benefits.  Being protected from financial liabilities during illness is a big help.  It is the aim of medical financial institutions to ease the burden of hospitalizations. Health insurance are the best protection when any illness strikes like:
·         Protection from unexpected and high medicals costs
·         Coverage from critical health benefits essential in maintaining health and treating sicknesses and accidents.
·         Coverage for preventive care like check- ups, screenings, and vaccines.
·         Paying less for covered in-network health care.
·         Non-payment of penalty that people without medical coverage plan must pay.

In life, you work hard for a living and work even more for your hospital bills.  To enjoy life, get a medical care.  This way, you won’t burden yourself with the shocking bills when hospital time comes.  Just remember that no one gets young.  Getting old will happen and staying in the hospital will be frequent.  When you save for anything you need in life, make sure that you save for hospital care.  There are a lot of companies that will help you with the plans and offer you with the best policy suited for you.  With the assortments ready for picking, choose for the one that will bring you more for lesser premiums. With the technology today, you can choose online and set the payment hassle free.  If you want to be sure for its dependability, read on the company’s profile and understand what it can offer.  You may also ask your trusted friends or relatives with the track record of the medical company they use.  There are set agencies by the government for health care.  Check it out.  Lastly, it is important to consider plans for hospital or sickness care to insure peaceful continuity of life after years of working…

Monday, July 17, 2017

Health is Wealth: Stay Healthy to be Wealthy

It is said that health is wealth.  This is true because medical health care is important to live a beautiful and peaceful life.  With the right health, goals and dreams will be reached without fuss and delays. The longer life is the longer happiness to experience. So, seek medical help to know how to become healthy. Hospitals are built to be the medical allies of people for longevity. Healthcare is considered as the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of disease.  It also includes safeguarding the physical and mental well-being of every human.  There are medical services to insure these. There are many aspects as to healthcare.  There are policies and provisions. Some are funded by the government while some are privately built. Even with the existence of medical facilities, healthcare is affected with culture, beliefs, and the financial capacity of every human being.  People in the remote areas are being sought by medical practitioners and facilities.  This is termed public health. All aspects in medicine are empowered to improve well being. Information dissemination is widely used to reach out all the newest innovations and latest breakthroughs in medicine.  The great minds in the medical field continue to search for what can be used effectively for treatment. This means that getting the right health is never impossible. It also means that to become healthy, one has to consider himself well.  School teaches health and wellness.  Television shows and commercials feature the right food to eat, effective exercises, medicines, and many other health related stories. Health magazines are loaded with healthy articles.  Movies feature different stories about sickness and health.  Groceries and malls sell different products and most of these are healthy.  If one can only see all the goodness with the environment offers and use it well, no one can be unhealthy!  The access to health is widely open.  Everything is put in a single platter.  With a visit to a doctor, you will be able to sort what the plate contains.  Doctors seek specialization as well in order to rightly treat every patient in specific illness. To be healthy is actually easy.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fighting Inflammation with the Right Foods

One of the best priority in life is to insure health at its best. Since medical bills are expensive, staying healthy is the best alternative. The question is, "when?" The answer to that is doing it early. Inflammation is being linked to varieties of medical conditions from small acne to other life threatening diseases. It will take time to treat inflammation so better stop its happening. Inflammation is the response to injury. Be cautious and be fit. Since accidents are beyond one's control, eat the foods that can help cure and ease inflammation. This way, better health will be achieved. There are a lot of foods to consider. In groceries and even in the market, there are products that can be consumed to alleviate inflammation. There are foods today that are made of inflammation-fighting ingredients. One common ingredient is turmeric. It is used as flavor in teas and even in lattes. Ginger tea is also getting the trend in tea time. Today, there are many healthy food trends that conquer the market. It is interesting that even noodles and rice have substitutes for inflammatory ingredients. Even the most favored coffee shop - Starbucks came up with the new anti-inflammatory blend of drink in cayenne called Chile Mocha. With all the world is offering today, it is important to choose what you eat. It is important to prioritize being fit and being healthy. It is a good try to consider the foods rich in medicated effects. So, what are you waiting for? Change your eating habit and live healthy. Bring in health in a daily basis and live longer. With the aim of health enthusiasts to build a healthy world, they continue to come up with food products that will mold a better person in the right stature and health. If you want healthier food, use organic and raw produce. Starting from the scratch is always the best start. Also, it is helpful to read and to know. Read from the experts and know how to use what they teach. A lot of people are now on the track of healthy habits. Start your quest too.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Need for Health Care Insurance

Health care insurance is a term used for covering medical expenses. This is being received through estimation of the overall risk of health care along with the expenses incurred among the target population. The financial structure for this is a premium that can be set monthly, semi-annually or annually. The coverage includes losses from accident, disability, dismemberment, medical expense, and accidental death.
The policy contract is between the insurance provider and the individual or his/her sponsor. It is renewable in three terms; monthly, semi-annually, and annually. There is specific amount of premium to be paid and is reflected in writing. And the policy is in a booklet.

Several Forms of Insurers Obligations:

       1.    Premium
 This pertains to the amount the insured or the sponsor pays for the health coverage.

      2.    Deductible
Out-of-pocket payment prior the insurer covers its share. There will be more visits from the doctor and prescriptions prior deductible and the insurer pays for health expenses. Most of the times, policies do not include co-pays for doctor’s visits and prescriptions.

      3.    Co-Payment
This is the amount paid by insurers out-of-pocket prior to insurer’s share of payment.

     4.    Co-insurance
This is the percentage of the total cost the policy holder pays.

     5.    Exclusions
This is the uncovered services. The policy holder pays full cost of the services that is not included in the coverage.

     6.    Coverage limits
This means that the coverage has specific service. Other services outside the coverage will be paid by the policy holder.

     7.    Out-of-pocket maxima
This is almost the same with coverage limits but with out-of-pocket maxima, the policy holder’s financial responsibility ceases after reaching the out-of-pocket maximum. The insurer pays the covered costs. It is limited though to certain types like prescription drugs or is applicable to all coverage that is embedded in a year contract.

     8.    Capitation
The insurer pays the total amount for a health care provider provided that he agrees to treat all members of the insurer.

     9.    Prior Authorization
The insurer provides an authorization or certification that states the insurer’s obligation to pay for the services provided. There are other services that will not require authorization though.

    10. Explanation of Benefits
This pertains to the document sent to the policy holder by the insurer. It is a written explanation of medical service coverage, the amount paid by the insurer, and the amount to be paid by the patient (insured).

Getting a health insurance is always a necessity. With the many risks that the world brings, getting sick is possible. What is not possible is an easy way to pay the bills when getting hospitalized. Therefore, insurance is a form of protection. It protects one from being huddled with high financial responsibility when sickness comes. Get your coverage from the most dependable company that offers more for less. Make sure that you understand the policy well and the premium is within your budget. There are a lot of health insurance companies that will solve your medical worries. Make the right choice.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Importance of Dental Healthcare

Healthcare is not merely looking healthy and eating healthy foods. It is taking care of the body as a whole system. It also includes health care dental because the teeth are important to general health. The mouth, teeth, and gums play the most important part in food intake. These must work well so you can eat, speak, and laugh without limitations or even pain. Dental medicine works to fight for gum diseases, infection, tooth loss, and also bad breath. There are services to keep oral hygiene like;

·         Dental cleaning
·         Fillings
·         Root canals
·         Extractions
·         Whitening
·         Full dentures
·         Partial dentures
·         Implants
·         Bridges
·         Crowns

To bring comfort and relaxation during these procedures, dentists use nitrous oxide sedation. Aside from regular trips to the dentists, there are personal activities to care for the teeth and mouth like:

·         Tooth brushing
Brushing should be at least 2 minutes three times a day after meals. Make sure you brush the back of your teeth and your tongue. Use a soft bristled toothbrush. If you have a child, teach your child early.

·         Use Fluoride Toothpaste
It is helpful to use fluoride toothpaste to protect the enamel of your teeth. It thus protects you from cavities as well. Fluoride must be at least 1,350-1500 ppm to be effective for the teeth.

·         Daily Flossing
Daily flossing will clean the surface between the teeth. In between the teeth will build plaques and bacteria. Use 30 cm floss or a floss pick. Be sure to be gentle. You might hurt your gums and worst bleed.

·         Use Mouthwash
Choose for a mouthwash containing fluoride. It is best to use it after brushing and flossing. Fluoride will reach all your teeth’s surfaces. This will enhance dental health and will keep you away from bad breath. If you want to use your own remedy, dilute salt in a water as a substitute for sold mouthwash in the market. Just make sure not to swallow the mouthwash. Some have stomach upset with mouthwash ingestion.

·         Brush or scrape your tongue
Since the surface of the tongue is uneven, there food particles that is trapped in the uneven surface. These particles are the target of bacteria and will be transferred by your teeth. There is a tongue scraper you can buy or better yet, use a soft bristled brush. Brush or scrape it gently. Make sure that you don’t hurt your tongue. After this, rinse well. Use mouthwash for better result.

·         Do not smoke
Do not let your teeth be stained with nicotine. Smoking will. If you don’t smoke, it will not. If you can’t quit, get the right help. Aside from the stain it will cause on your teeth, smoking is dangerous to your health.

Health is wealth. That is a notion that is healthy to think and even healthier to practice. To live a life in the right health is to live a good life where you can experience what life is to offer,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Understanding the System in Health Care

Health Care System is defined as the association of people, facilities, and resources delivering health services in order to meet the well being of marked number of people. It maintains, promotes, and restores health. It should incorporate the whole population and the contributing side of the health system. It must be understood within their goals including impartiality, health enhancement, responsiveness to genuine expectations, respect of distinction, etc. It must also be defined according to their functions which include straight condition of services, whether they are medical or public health services. Along with these are enabling functions that include organization, financing, resource generation, and workforce. 

One classic example of health care is a mother caring for her sick child in the house. Other examples are; private care providers who come for home services, health insurance organizations who execute programs for healthy population, safety legislation, and occupational health focused on professional health services. There are trainings and programs set by the system like promotion of female education and a lot more. Actually, the system must not be monopolized by the staffs that carry out its provisions. It must be taught to the people to educate them of how health care is. It must be taught to make them aware of what is to happen and how to manage it conservatively until the right health professionals come.

Who are the Healthcare Providers?

These are the organizations or personalities providing health services like:
Home care
Health department
Medical laboratory
Allied health professionals
Hospital employees
Health workers (doctors, nurses,  dietitians, midwives, medical laboratory technologists, paramedics, dentists,  therapists,  pharmacists, chiropractors,  psychologists, community health workers, optometrists, traditional medicine practitioners, etc.)

Funding the Health Systems

There are five chief means of financing health systems:
1. Tax
2. National Health Insurance
3. Private Health Insurance
4. Personal Payment
5. Donations 
In most cases, health or medical insurance take care of the medical billings. Hospitals will take care of the processing for the right deductions.

Payment Modes for Medical Practitioners

There are three ways to pay the professional fees of medical practitioners:

1. Free-for-service

This is set by individual practitioners and central negotiations.

2. Capitation

Payment is given by patients on the list with adjustments depending on age and gender.

3. Salary Arrangements

This means that the employment is salary basis. This is set at government funded facilities.

Delivery of Health Care

Health care is the basic concern of all medical institutions. It is their outmost goal and concern to provide care to their highest level of functionality. This will not depend on the medical case and condition of any patient. There are policies though that must be carried out for the system to work well. The most important thing to remember that the health care system works to bring the best well being of all people in different walks of life. It promotes wellness and utmost care for healthy human beings - to teach and to care for not just one patient but the whole human kind.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Getting the Right Job for You

As always, jobs health care is of high demand. With a high-quality education and a passionate heart in caring, it doesn’t matter if you spent more than 10 years in college or barely a year. This is actually a very rewarding career. Just imagine making a sick patient up and about. The salaries are a lot over board as compared to other professions. Below are the list of medical careers that populate the world well:

Medical Assistants
This job is growing a lot faster as per statistics. This kind is an administrative work with minimal training. If you finished Associate of Science in Medical Assisting and passed Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam, create your resume and apply.

Nursing Assistants
These are the best allies of a registered nurse or a licensed vocational work. They are responsible for obtaining vital signs, administering sponge baths, organizing medical equipment, and more. They work in retirement homes, to take care of aged patients who cannot carry out certain tasks on their own.

Home Health Aides
These assist home-bound patient with day-to-day tasks.  Their tasks include bathing, dressing, and housekeeping. They work with patients who are cognitively impaired, disabled, bed ridden, elderly, etc. They can work full time or part time.

Licensed Practical Nurses
If you want to bring basic nursing care in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, get an education for this and apply for a position. You will surely enjoy drawing blood, noting patient records for other workers administering medicine, and checking vital signs.

These are the medical professionals who treat and diagnose patients of varieties of medical conditions. These professionals may work in specialty areas like pediatrics, oncology, family care, and intensive care. They stay 10 years or more in college before completing a residency program. They need trainings to make them work with patients on their own.

These help patients deal with their mental disorders affecting their lives. There are specializations like obsessive compulsive disorder or childhood depression. Patients find comfort with counseling or even just talking to vent out their frustrations and other issues from their daily activities.

Registered Nurses
They take charge in patient’s care in the hospitals and clinics. After completing a four year course in nursing and passing the board exam, they qualify a position in any medical facilities.

Dental Assistants
These assume administrative duties in a dental office and some very basic patient care. Their roles include patient’s preparation prior any dental services and filing patient records for the office. The career grows as years pass by.

There are a lot of jobs to consider in healthcare. Careers to consider too are:
      ·         Pharmacy technician
      ·         Clinical Laboratory Technician
      ·         Dental Assistant /Dentist
      ·         Pharmacist
      ·         Emergency Medical Technician
      ·         Radiologic Technologist
      ·         Physical Therapist
      ·         Dental Hygienist
      ·         Health Information Technician
      ·         Clinical Laboratory Technologist
      ·         Occupational Therapy Aide
      ·         Speech-Language Pathologist
      ·         Respiratory Therapist
      ·         Family Practitioner
      ·         Nurse Practitioner
      ·         Occupational Therapist
      ·         Phlebotomist
      ·         Physician Assistant

Monday, March 27, 2017


Speaking in public is probably one of the most challenging things to do especially if you have xenophobia. If you want to understand more about xenophobia or stage fright, we have published an article that you can read and you can just browse that through our website. This time we will be talking about the anxiety that you will experience before speaking in public.

The anxiety is there. And mind you, even the most experienced speakers go through this. Some of my friends who happened to be great public speakers confessed that they also feel anxiety before speaking. Well, not all the time, but it depends upon the situation.

When you are there on your seat waiting for your name to be called to speak in front, there you will feel the anxiety. And your anxiety is composed of negative thoughts and expectations that you might be embarrassed in front. Well, this is a common feeling.

This article talks about the ways that you can do to reduce your anxiety. The reason why we used the word reduce is because the anxiety is still there, but the fact that you have reduced it means a lot. Well, I do hope that after reading this article you will be able to see yourself as a new person with new level of confidence in speaking in front of people. Of course this is something that you need, especially if the reason why you do his is because this is already part of your job.

So, what are the things that you need to do? Well, let us start.

Think that nobody’s perfect and you don’t have to. The fear of being embarrassed is what fuels your anxiety. This is the reason why you feel anxious while your time to speak is getting closer. If you are struggling with your anxiety, bear in mind that nobody’s perfect and that you don’t have to be perfect speaking in front.

You are afraid to commit mistakes, right? You are afraid that people may ridicule you. Well, you need to do your best and do not just settle on being mediocre but do not every promote perfection. After your speech, you will notice that it is not perfect. There will always be room for improvement. So, the best thing to do is look at your experience talking in public as an inspiration to strive to become better – not to be perfect. It’s a matter of looking at your mistakes and learning from it. Another thing that you need to consider is you cannot please everyone.

Think of a good result. Well, if you are thinking that you will fail, there is a high tendency that you will. So, the best thing to do is for you to visualize a good result. You need to see yourself speaking in front with confidence and think in advance the reaction of the people who are listening to you.
While you are in your seat, imagine of something good. It is your way to think positive about your situation. When you are able to see yourself finishing your talking successfully, you will lessen your anxiety and you will gain more confidence.

Do not look at yourself as a loser in front. Take note that it is public speaking and you need to be confident enough to talk. If you are having problems acquiring confidence to speak in public, you can read our article published about that to learn more.

Be prepared. This is something that you need not to neglect. The thing is being prepared will make it sure that you know what you are talking about. There are so many kinds of speech. You can speak in front in an impromptu style or you can have it memorized. No matter what style you are using, you still have to prepare. And preparation takes days, or weeks, or months – depending on the event.

Being prepared is not just by means of learning or memorizing your speech. But you have to prepare also in terms of the things that you will wear. You should wear appropriate clothes for the occasion so that you will be able to lessen your insecurities. When you are prepared, think of setting yourself free from worries. Well, you will not go to a battle without training or bringing with you your arms. Think of your public speaking as a battle. You have to be prepared.

Be excited. Aside from being prepared, you have to be excited, too. When you are excited about the event, you will not be pressured to do this. I understand that sometimes you are being pushed by someone out of necessity to speak in public. If this is the situation, learn to love what you are about to do. Well, things will be easier for you if you love what you are doing. Be excited about it.

If you are excited about speaking in public, you might want to pull the hands of time. If you are on your seat, you may want to stand already. Well, I am not saying that you need to be overconfident about it – just be excited. If you have that excitement in you, you will also enjoy preparing for it. You will enjoy writing your speech and choosing what to wear, too. This is something that you need to consider.

Forget about your past experiences.One of the biggest reasons why you are anxious is the fact that you have a bad experience in the past. Well, if the is the issue, you need to learn to forget about your past experience. When I say past experience, it has something to do with speaking in public. Well, this is a challenging thing – the reason why you need to exert effort in forgetting.

And while it is challenging, it is possible. Think of the fact that even the greatest speakers in history experienced failures. Well, nobody is born expert. People will always start at the bottom as beginners. But by continuous practice and learning from experiences, they will be able to master their skills. So, the best thing to do is learn from your past experience. Take your past experience positively and see the good in it. When you do this, you will be able to rise above your situation that will eventually decrease your anxiety.

Get enough sleep.There are so many benefits of sleeping. The thing is if you will read our published article, you will see that sleeping can make you more focused and concentrated on what you are doing. This will help boost your memory especially if you are speaking in public. I understand that the worst thing that could ever happen to you as a speaker is to forget what to say in front. Well, you are prone to this if you will not sleep well.

When you get enough sleep, you have a healthier mind. And when you come to the point of forgetting what to say in front and you suddenly stopped, you can easily think of an adlib. Well, I admire speakers who can easily think of something to say knowing the fact that they are lost in their speaking. Consider this also so that you will be able to decrease your anxiety before speaking in public.

Be friendly with people around. If you are on your seat already, it is good to look around and smile at people. Do not just be silent there, instead talk to them. Think of it. If you know the people who will listen to you, you have a lower level of anxiety. But if the people who will listen to you are not familiar, that is when anxiety is higher. With this, the best thing to do is get to know them. Well, I am not saying that you need to roam around. It’s just that you need to show positive attitude towards them by smiling. Being friendly will help decrease your anxiety.

Have an eye to eye contact. When you are talking in front, have an eye to eye contact with the people who are listening. Just relax and enjoy what you are doing. If possible, prepare an anecdote so that they will laugh. When you are able to make them laugh, you will notice that you are gaining confidence to speak in front. Talk in front as if you are talking to one person. You can practice this one.

Come early. You will surely increase in anxiety if you will come late. The thing is you will get tired walking fast and running just to arrive in the venue. With this, you have to come early. To do this, sleep early at night. There is nothing wrong with coming early. When you do this, you still have time to familiarize yourself with the venue. Take note that if you are in control of the venue you will be able to deliver your speech effectively.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Talking about harassment, it comes in many forms. But the most common of all, aside from verbal abuse, are sexual harassment, stalking, and extreme bullying. Well, these are issues addressed to the society that we live. And I should say, this is not a safe world anymore. Nowadays, you have to be aware of the people you contact with and the places where you go, for threat is always around the corner.

When you are being harassed, there are so many things that you can do to deal with that person harassing you. This article aims to increase your knowledge on the practical things that you can do to stop harassment. Well, with enough knowledge on what to do, you will be able to stop people from making your life miserable through harassment. You only have to consider the following.

But before that, let me tell you this. This article is applicable to all. The reason why you are increasing in knowledge on what to do when being harassed is because you will also apply this to your loved ones. When your loved ones are experiencing harassment, and they have shared this to you, it is about time to do something. And do not just do something without knowing how. With proper knowledge, you will see the good result. So here are the things that you can do to deal with harassment.

Evaluate yourself if you are really being harassed. Well, sometimes it depends upon our perception of things. But, to make it sure, you have to evaluate yourself. Are you really being harassed or not? There are people who can take jokes and there are people who are not. Our tolerance on the things that we experience around us differs. This is the reason why you have to make it sure you are really being harassed. Observe around you.You know yourself. Try to evaluate yourself if you are only being emotional and overreacting or that person went too far with his words and actions. Well, if you do this, you will be able to recognize what a harassment from not. It pays to evaluate yourself first.

Tell others to stop doing what you don’t like them to do. In continuation to the first one, once you have evaluated yourself and figured out the things that you don’t want others to do to you, tell them to stop. Sometimes people around us don’t stop doing things because nobody told them to stop. It is about time to tell them to stop. Tell them that you don’t like being catcalled. Tell them that you don’t like being called by a certain alias. Tell them that what they are doing to you is a form of harassment and bullying.

There are times when it is hard to confront them personally because you are protecting something like your friendship. If this is the issue, you can write a letter or tell someone to tell him. Well, I cannot promise you that that person will not be offended, but that is better than experiencing harassment over and over. And one thing, once you have done that do not ever apologize.

If telling him doesn’t stop him from harassing you, tell him to stay away from you. Let’s say you have already written a letter or confronted that person to stop harassing you but he doesn’t stop. If that is the case, it is about time to tell him to distant from you. Tell him to stop contacting you. Tell him to stop dealing with you. And you can do something about it. You can stop your conversation with that person by not sending messages on social media nor text messages. If that person happened to be someone you see everyday, you can set an avoidance plan. You can also tell that person to stop getting close to you. Just let him feel that you are not comfortable with what he is doing.

Cut your connection with that person on phone and on social media. Another thing that you can do to stop being harassed is to stop making conversation with that person. If things are becoming worse, you can delete the number of that person from your phone or you can also change your number. If that person happened to be a contact of yours in social media, you can also unfriend or block that person. When you don’t have any contact with him, you will see things will become better.

Keep every evidences of harassment. There are times when you have done everything to cut your connection with that person and still he harasses you. If that is the case, you have to make things documented. Do not delete the messages on the phone and on social media of that person harassing you because you will make use of that as an evidence or proof of harassment.

Nowadays, gadgets are so powerful, the reason why you have to make use of them to document or record anything that has happened to you. Well, when a person tries to harass you, you can set-up a hidden camera in with you so that you will be able to record something that will make your statements stronger when you filed a complaint. You can also take note of the people who have witnessed the incident.

Report the incident to someone in the position. It depends upon the location of the harassment. If it happened in your school, the best thing to do is report it to the principal, teacher, administrator, etc. This is in order for that person to receive disciplinary action. If it happened in work place, you can report it to your boss, manager, administrator, etc. Just report the incident to someone in the position. He has the power to intervene. If this is done, you and that person will have to talk in front of him to settle the issue, looking forward that things will change for the better.

Call the police if it becomes threatening. If the harassment comes to a certain level wherein it already threatens your life and your security, it is about time to call the police. This is the reason why you have with you always the emergency numbers. There are instances when that person who is harassing you will stop what he is doing the moment he notices that you are reporting him to the police. Again, you should always have the contact number of police precincts near you. This is for your safety. Another thing is if you and your family is in grave danger, a restraint order is the best solution. You will file this one and you will go through court hearing.

If violation of the restraining order happens, report it to the police immediately. Once a restraining order is issued, the person who is harassing you will have to abide with it. So, if there is a circumstance when it is violated by that person, report it to the police immediately. That might result to criminal charges filed against him. Well, you have to be aware of your rights.

Make sure everyone in your circle are aware of what is happening to you.  This is something that you need to do so that you will increase your safety. The people around you should know what is going on with you. This is due to the fact that there are instances when the harasser will ask for information about you. If they are being informed about the name of the harasser, they will be warned not to disclose any information about you. You have to inform also the members of the family about your location for emergency purposes. No matter how near you are going, you have to tell them. This is for your safety.

Be aware of your social media activities. If there is a threat in your life, it is about time to be aware of your every activity in social media. Well, it is good to post your activities in social media because this is a form of self-expression. But take note that you are going through something, the reason why you have to limit your disclosure of your information. When you are being stalked by someone, do not ever show your location or the place where you are going. Nowadays, gadgets have the capacity to automatically show your location and that is something that you have to take note. Being aware of your social media activities is a must.

Practice self defense. For emergency purposes, you have to practice self defense. You can enroll on a formal training if you want to. Or you can read about some practical tips that you can do to defend yourself anytime. Having the skills to defend yourself is a must nowadays, especially that this is not a safe world anymore. Well, this is something that you need to put into consideration. Be wise enough to do this.

These are things that you can do to deal with harassment. I hope it helps a lot.